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At Downtown, we aiming at improving the living standards of all those lives we touch. In the two decades since its establishment, Downtown Housing has specialized in the development of residential high-rise buildings to luxury individual bungalows. With this level of experience and our innovative approach to property development, we are the industry experts.

At Downtown Housing Company, each of our employees has the opportunity to succeed and grow alongside the business. We encourage each and every employee to develop their skills, hit their goals and fulfill their aspirations.

Our Goal is to maintain a high standard of living for our clients while developing innovative smart homes for sustainability, efficiency and contributing to a planned urbanization of our cities.​​

Sailent Features

Downtown Residency comprises 65 individual houses built on a beautifully landscaped compound with ample open space, which gives you the feel of living in the midst of nature. The house have outstanding interior and elegant exterior, which make you want to flaunt them.

  • Preconstruction planning based on a detailed plan, budget estimates, structural analysis, logistics, quality control, risk assessment & Safety planning, strategies development, bid package, subcontractor prequalification, point evaluation.
  • Construction management through funding, designing and overseeing an operation.
  • Flexibility and the ability to work on a range of different projects.
  • Technical knowledge of modern sustainability.
  • Licensed Architects & Engineers responsible for public safety and overseeing of projects.
  • Feasibility principles incorporating design development
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